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Cremation Facts for Omak, Okanogan and Okanogan County

1.) A "Crematory" is the facility where the equipment is housed that actually performs the cremation process, and is therefore, the most essential and absolutely necessary part of any cremation service.

2.) The Okanogan Co. Crematory was, quite literally, the first facility in Okanogan County or within about 90 miles of Omak & Okanogan that could perform the entire cremation process locally. Note: Competitors may offer cremation services but may hire out the actual cremation process.

3.) By using the Okanogan County Crematory, families no longer have to deal with the extra costs, uncertainties and risks involved with being forced to paying a middle-man  to take their family members all the way to Spokane or Wenatchee for cremation.

4.) The Okanogan County Crematory arrangement office is located in the Precht-Harrison-Nearents Chapel at 2547 Elmway in Okanogan.