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The Okanogan County Crematory offers many different services that include, but are not limited to, basic cremation services, urns, memorial markers, assistance with planning memorial services, organizing with honor guard for veterans services, as well as traditional funerals with casketed remains that are cremated after the service is finished.  Please call for the most thorough information available and the most up-to-date expense documentation.  

Most Respectfully,

Glenn Graves (Owner / Operator)

Please note: All cremation packages include, but are not limited to, the following helpful and necessary services:

1.) Removal and transportation, of the deceased to holding facility within 50 mile radius of Okanogan. ( Further transportation distances can easily be arranged upon request )

2.) Professional, Dignified care and sheltering for the deceased.

3.) A combustible cremation container (required for cremation by the crematory).

4.) A temporary plastic scattering urn.

5.) Preparation of the Death Certificate.

6.) Obtainment of necessary doctor's signature on Death Certificate.

7.) Assistance in notifying Social Security Administration and assistance in obtaining any applicable benefits. (Some restrictions apply.)

8.) Filing of Death Certificate with County Health Dept.

9.) Obtainment of Medical Examiner / Coroner's Signature if applicable.

10.) Assistance in Filing Veteran's Affairs paperwork for any benefits that may apply.

11.) Obtainment of Veteran's Flag and/or Marker if applicable.

12.) Filing and/or composition of death notices and/or paid obituaries for newspapers.

13.) Transportation to the crematory and the cremation process itself.

14.) A professional service guarantee from people who are connected to our communities and will actual care about you, your family, and the person that is placed into our care.